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Mini Vacation

Mini Vacation

I took the weekend off from writing and spent four glorious days in Booth bay Harbor Maine. I had never been up there before and it was beautiful! if you’ve never been I’d highly recommend it. We stayed in a little cabin on the coast and woke up every morning to ocean views and fresh air (which tends to make you very sleepy and unusually hungry!)

While I was up there I did a lot of driving around and it is an amazing mixture or rural Maine and coastal Maine. Basically there is lots of trees and dirt roads mixed with lots of lobster and fishing villages, how can you go wrong?

The food was amazing. i think I managed to cram almost all the types of seafood they have into one meal or another. Had haddock, scallops, lobster, and clams… think I may have passed on the shrimp this time and I didn’t have any oysters. Ah well, maybe next trip. All in all it was a very relaxing weekend and a place that I would love to go back to sometime soon.

I’m home again now though and that means that there is work work work to be done. I’m getting ever closer to the end of the second book and I’m hoping to have it finished (the writing part) by the end of June. A big thank you to everyone that has picked it up so far and to all that hopefully will in the future!

Just a little note here at the end. I heard a story today about an old man being kicked out of a Barnes and Noble because they have a policy of not allowing men to shop or hang out in there children’s section alone. He was shopping for his grand kids who live in another state, but that is neither here nor there. It is disgusting to think that any man who is in a children’s section alone must be a pedophile. I know that if it had been me they would have had to call the police to drag me out kicking and screaming. I am a lot of things but to assume that any man would hurt a child just because they are alone in a children’s section of a store is ridiculous beyond reasoning. If someone is that worried that their precious snowflake is going to be stolen or hurt they should lock them in a vault at home, or at the very least maybe keep an eye on their own kid instead of some old man harmlessly talking on a cell phone for a minute.

Oh, and when last I checked B&N has apologized to the man, which I hope is cheerfully refused by his lawyers that he then sues their asses off with. Good luck old man, whoever you are.

Anyway, back to work, enjoy your night!