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200 +

200 +

So I finally finished 200 pages of the second book last night. earlier that day I had also sold 200 of the first book in under fifteen days. Now this may not sound like a huge amount to some of you but I’m pretty happy with it. I will by no means be retiring to my own private island anytime soon but it will hopefully help pay the bills.

I was happier by far surpassing the 200 page mark than I was with the sales. The last book came in around 360 pages total when I was done so I’m guessing I’m about half way done with the second book if my estimations are correct. I really would like to wrap it up and have it edited and up for sale by the end May or early June. I’m not sure if these goals are attainable but I like having a deadline. It gives me a purpose, a reason to write.

I got stuck for a couple days in this second story, I had finished one major section and knew where the next major section started but I was having trouble bridging the gap. I’m sure it’s not an uncommon problem for writers but since I’m so new to this game and know no other writers personally I have to just assume that any difficulty I may come across has already been come upon and overcome by many and much better than myself already.

Off to see if I can get some actual work done, enjoy the day.