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Happy New Year… almost

Happy New Year… almost

Made it through Christmas pretty much unscathed thankfully. It was nice actually. I thought there was going to be no Christmas spirit at all and then found a bit a day or two before Christmas itself. Had a nice mas eve dinner at a great restaurant in Concord and then cooked an overabundance of holiday goodies on Christmas itself. It was quiet and relaxing, just the way I like my holidays to be.

Next up is New Years Eve which I’m betting will be quiet as well. Long gone are the days of looking for a party or some place fun to go. I’ve never been a fan of large groups of drunken people anyway, mainly because I know how much of an ass I an be when I’m drunk and around people. It’s much safer for all involved if I drink in a small group or alone.

After that it’s time to get nervous about my first ever panel appearance at Arisia on Jan 18th. I’m already kind of antsy about it so I’m sure I’ll be a wreck by the end of the first week of January, but it’ll be a blast I’m sure!

Editing is coming along on After the Storm, Ghosts and the cover is already done for that and the upcoming omnibus that will put the first three books together in one collected edition. Both should be out right after the new year I’m hoping.

Back to work with me, enjoy the rest of the holiday season!