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The twitterverse

The twitterverse

I’ve been trying to use social media more to get my name out there. Not sure if it’s working but I’m at just about 100 followers on Twitter and I think I may be addicted to it. Not because it’s awesome or a lot of fun by any stretch of the imagination. Mostly, because I get emails telling me someone new is following me or someone responded to something I wrote and that’s kind of exciting. I use Facebook as well but That’s old hat for me now . 🙂 I will say this about twitter the 140 is way too short for my long winded ass.


On another note I’ve had some really positive feed back on both books 1 and 2 lately. I’m positive I didn’t fix all the grammar issues with book 1 but I may have fixed enough that it’s not noticeable unless you’re looking for it. (please don’t go looking for it now, thanks) Got a nice four star review which was one line. To me that’s perfect. BAM I liked it a lot here 4 stars! Perfect review in my eyes. Also had a couple people tell me in person that they couldn’t put it down which was very nice to hear. Not sure if they’re saying it to be nice but it’s great to hear anyway, plus they finished it in like two days so they may have enjoyed it. 🙂


On an actual writing note I started jumping around a bit and began writing a part that I knew i wanted but didn’t know WHERE I wanted it. It seems to be turning out pretty well so far, I’m about 3000 words into that section so it’s coming along. I don’t usually write that way but I needed to slow down a bit and figure out where I was going with the main story so I figured writing this section might clear that up a bit. So far it hasn’t but the fog may be lifting a bit.


Just wanted to toss out a little update. Now back to work with me.

Hope you all had a great labor day weekend!