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its almost spring!

its almost spring!

Oh shit I have my own website! I keep forgetting since no one ever reads it. I’ve been a bit out of commission for the last few weeks since I broke my hand at the Arisia sci fi convention back in January (I got into an altercation with a metal door and lost). I mean I could have typed out something I’m sure but well to be honest I hate winter and things always seem to take so much more effort in the winter so a broken hand was just the thing to keep me from doing anything really productive. It’s all better though, the hand I mean, and spring is almost here so it’s time to start working again. I’ve started plotting out the next strand book and should begin writing soon. oh you didn’t know? yeah the second book has been out for a little bit now and everyone (all three of you that MAY read this) should go and buy it now on Amazon in kindle format or paperback!

I’m excited though because I get to go back and visit some of my favorite characters in the new book and to be honest I’ve missed writing them and I cant wait to see what happens to them. Yeah I have no idea at this point whats going to happen or who is going to live or die in this new book so I’ll let you know when I get it all figured out. In the mean time enjoy the coming spring and I’ll see if I can’t update this more often.


Back to work with me,


Just a little rant.

Just a little rant.

Every now and again I end up getting a review about how my stories couldn’t possibly ever happen because I make it seem like our military is inept. That you could never assassinate an officer and get away with it like they do in my book, so it just isn’t believable.

Some flaws to your logic, if you are indeed one of these people.

This is NOT the US military. It is the remnants of what is left after a cataclysmic, world changing event, where 95% of the population has been killed.

Most of the soldiers that were very good at their jobs are, once again, DEAD! the officers and leaders that help make the military as good as it is today are also DEAD. The people that are now in charge are essentially the people that should NOT be in charge. So yes, they are inept!

After they came out of the bunkers the military was so depleted they started recruiting and offering food and shelter to those who would enlist and those people’s families. In return a lot of people that signed up were only in it for the survival of their families, again, probably inept.

They are also very spread out. The main focus and base of operations is the midwest of the country where they were welcomed back and celebrated. The east coast has been a thorn in their side and they have minimal coverage there because the manpower is so limited and recruiting is much lower in those areas.

All of these points are spoken of in the series and if you were paying attention instead of being angry about how inept the military was you may have realized even a couple of these points.

Oh, and last but not least. ITS FUCKING FICTION! I have watched countless and I mean countless hours of movies and shows where the military or police, or whatever the bad guy may be is not as awesome as the good guy. Do you know why this is? it’s because IT’S FUCKING FICTION, that’s why. A couple hundred thousand stormtroopers can’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn or beat a farmboy, a smuggler, a whiny princess, two unarmed droids and an old man that doesn’t carry a gun? Oh, they’re also supposed to be the most feared army in the galaxy! ¬†Yeah, Star Wars sucked why would anyone ever watch that crap. (granted the new ones were crap, but beside my original point)

In conclusion, please get a grip on your fucking selves. It’s fiction. God forbid anyone say anything bad about our own military. Which, if you read the above points, you’d realize that I’m not doing. It’s just a story that is supposed to entertain you and bring you to another place. It’s not a survival guide. It’s not based on actual facts. It’s not a critique on our government or military. IT’S FUCKING FICTION! Have a little fun with it and get your head out of your ass.

Ok that made me feel better now. I can only hope that one or two of these people actually reads this, but I’m almost positive they won’t. Enjoy the rest of your weekends. I’m off to go do some work.