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It’s Thursday again

It’s Thursday again

So like the title says it’s Thursday and time to go grocery shopping. Today it seems was worse than the usual Thursday for some reason. Maybe there were extra old people in my way I’m not sure. I know there are sweet old folks everywhere that I would enjoy time with, listening to old stories or asking questions about how things used to be. Somehow these people don’t ever seem to be the same ones that are yelling, complaining or blocking the aisles when I am there though.

I once again was reminded why I think that this planet as a whole needs a culling, and starting with the old and infirm may be a good idea. Don’t get me wrong I don’t have it out for old people normally, some of my favorite people are old. Today seemed to be particularly filled with crotchety old people though. I watched two of them almost start brawling at the deli counter when one old lady didn’t hear her number being called and the guy skipped and went to the next number. Well, another old lady heard her number being called and piped up and waved her hand with her ticket in it. The first lady finally realized she had been skipped and spoke up and I thought the lady waving her ticket around was going to throttle her. She kept saying, “Well he called MY number,” I thought about going to grab some popcorn in case it got good.

So after all the depends filling excitement that I could probably stand for one day, without getting arrested for murder 1, I was driving home to hear on the radio that a nearby town had passed a new law. This law states that single serve water bottles will no longer be sold in this town. The main reason for this seems to be that they  claim that bottled water isn’t safer than tap (and it probably isn’t) and that it just causes HUGE environmental issues because it’s plastic and takes for ever to break down. My question was why don’t they seem to care about all other plastic bottles in their town and from what I could tell it was because most houses have tap water. So if you had coke running out of your tap they could ban that too.

Just a side note, if we had a nice sized culling we could save the environment too. Less people=less waste. Just sayin’

Enjoy your day!