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Shameless self promotion

Shameless self promotion

I’ve been trying to do this whole self promotion thing where you pimp yourself out on facebook, Twitter, and any number of author sites that have forums or discussion boards. I understand the need for it. If I want to sell books I have to get my name out there. I for some reason just happen to suck at this. Which is odd because to do it well you only need to be able to talk to other people. I love talking. I can talk all day… as long as I like what being talked about.

That seems to be the problem. I have no idea what to say on facebook. I see everyone else doing it but for some reason I can’t get all worked up to tell people about how I went to the store or picked up my morning coffee. So it ends up being some stupid blurb that sounds like “BUY MY BOOK” cuz well basically thats what it is.

Then I try twitter. I have to admit I am doing better there than I was. Up to 38 followers now… poor saps, if only I had something interesting to say to them. I mean seriously what the fuck am I supposed to talk about? No one care what my opinion is or what I’m doing today. Hell, since I’m a full time writer now it basically means I sat in my fucking house and stared at my laptop for a few hour. made a sammich, ate said sammich, went back to staring at my computer screen. I see people on twitter tweeting away and their stuff seems interesting with links to articles and yada yada. I just can’t seem to get myself into that self promotion type of mode except for “BUY MY BOOK” That’s about all I got on that front for some odd reason.

Oh and as for the book sites like shelfari or goodreads. I check in often and occasionally find a message board to throw something up on. I will admit I haven’t seen much on shelfari to pique any kind of interest but it has a nice smooth set up, wish I liked it better. Goodreads rocks and it’s where I find most of the discussions I do take part in. I’ve joined a few groups and they all have tons of conversation threads going. I just scan through some and then realize it’s been like 20 minutes and I still haven’t found anything worth commenting on. Which is just a huge waste of time considering how many threads there are to go through.

Maybe it’s just me, I always thought I talked a lot and could always hold up my end of a conversation. Maybe I’m getting older and can’t keep up like I used to. Then again maybe it’s the fact that with all these new forms of communication millions of people are now spouting off about everything and nothing and it takes forever just to find a conversation worth getting into, but the problem is that by the time you find it you’ve wasted so much time that you no longer have any to enjoy said conversation. I’m gonna go with the latter just so I don’t feel old.

And now back to work.

Enjoy the day!