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People who need people…

People who need people…

Someone commented on my book the other day that I thought was very cool. She noted that in the first couple chapters I make some observations about people and society that actually made her consider or reconsider her view on people and society in general. I told her that it was not my intention to make anyone ponder how they saw humanity or some peoples lack of it, and that I was just writing the story the way I thought it would go. I love studying people and society so it was nice to hear that at least for one person I got it right or close enough to make her think.

One of the main reasons that I wrote my story was that I was tired of seeing so many books with completely unbelievable characters, or even worse whole societies that only acted in one extreme or another.  I tried to make my characters as honest and realistic as possible, even if it made them less fun or cool, it also makes my society sometimes not the most pleasant thing to watch. It is though honest and believable as long as you aren’t one of those people that can only see the good or worst in people.

Those type of people are always going to be the tough to write for (except for those that are employed by the grammar police, they are by far tougher to write for) . The ones that have to comment that they think everyone would come together and be helpful and caring because people are inherently good, or everyone would be raping, pillaging and plundering because everyone is evil. As much as I’m all for everyone having their opinion I try and just smile and nod when I talk to people like this. There is good and bad in everyone, and depending on the given situation and the individual person people are going to react differently, and sometimes far different than we would expect.

Anyway, what started out as just pointing out a cool comment by a reader has turned into me going on about people and society. if you managed to read this far I hope you enjoyed it and maybe even agree with my rambling point.

Now to see if I can get some actual  work done today. Bye for now!