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Oh yeah, the book

Oh yeah, the book

For those that have read the book I’m telling you now this is just to fill people in who may not have read it yet.

I Suppose I should actually post something about the book “After the Storm”.

It is a post apocalyptic novel set five years after a meteor has crashed into Earth. 95% of the population of the US has been effectively wiped out between the meteor, earthquakes, volcanoes, lack of food, sickness and riots. I say US because the main characters have no idea what has happened to the rest of the planet since there is little to no mass communication anymore. The government took it’s best and brightest and hid them in bunkers across the US for two and a half years while the general populace has had to fend for itself.

The story picks up five years after the meteor and is told from the point of view of Duncan Mackenzie or Mack who is the head of a clan that lives in a town just outside of Boston MA. The government has come back in a much smaller capacity and the man in charge is not really someone who should be in charge. In some areas of the country the governments aid was welcome and much appreciated, but in some places, such as the north east it was shunned and met with disdain and violence in some cases.

The story follows Mack and his “clan” as they try and survive in a harsh new world and remain free at the same time.