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Meteor over Texas

Meteor over Texas

Today I read a yahoo news story about how people saw a plane, not a meteor, flying over Texas a couple days ago. I looked at the picture that yahoo had available and zoomed in on it with photoshop and low and behold there was no plane there to be seen. The contrail from said plane as well looked nothing like any other contrail from a plane that I have seen either. Now, I’m not an expert in planes but even from a quick glance at the photo on the story I could see it wasn’t a plane.

I also read the comments left by people on the story and a few of them lived in Texas and supposedly saw the incident and seem to be completely convinced that it was NOT a plane as the government claims. Have to say I’m gonna side with the comment leavers and say that it was NOT a plane. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen this kind of thing though… Which brings me to the point of today’s post.

When I was a lot younger I heard a story which gave me the inspiration for my book After the Storm. Scientists had reported that they had been studying a meteor for the last ten years and after going over the numbers again and again they were sure that it was indeed going to hit the planet Earth in about 17 years. They made their announcement and it was covered by the news media for a day or so.

It got pretty good coverage actually, and a couple days after it was announced that the scientists were actually wrong and the meteor was definitely NOT going to hit us at all and that it would miss us by more than a million miles. Seems pretty odd that these experts in their field could study something for so long and be off by so much, and then suddenly discover their mistake AFTER they announced it. Seems really odd to me, actually it sounds really fishy to be honest. Well, truth be told it sounds like an out and out lie but i was trying to be nice.

A few weeks later I remember mentioning it to someone and they told me that I was crazy and that they had never said it was going to hit us just that it was going to barely miss us. I then went to some other friends and brought it up to them and they agreed with the first friend. After that I went to outside sources and could find no trace of the story and bringing it up to people that I didn’t know. Some of them vaguely remembered but for the most part I got the same reaction as my friends.

Now, I’m not saying people are stupid, well I’m trying not to say it anyway, but i find it odd that people only hear what they want to and only listen to sound bites. i find it kind of sad actually that no matter how hard you try and get someone to listen, most never do.

The same thing happened during 9-11 I was watching the coverage in a hospital waiting room and heard that one plane had refused to answer radio calls and that fighter jets had been scrambled to intercept. a few minutes later that jet “mysteriously crashed in a field in Pennsylvania and the feds were on the scene and had it roped off before the media got there and didn’t allow any footage to be filmed. Now, that one I understand because the “right” thing to do was to shoot the plane down before it took out the white house or whatever target they were aiming at and possibly killing thousands of people. I do get that the american public isn’t and probably never will be ready to accept that we shot our own plane down but they didn’t need to try and make heroes out of the poor people that died on that plane. I don’t mean this to be┬áinflammatory it is just another example I remember of this kind of thing happening.

I do apologize if I just offended anyone it was not my intention, I just really dislike my government lying to me and the rest of the public and treating us like we are idiots. If they don’t want us to know something they should just outright say we aren’t telling you. I am perfectly fine with the ” We can’t tell you because it’s a matter of national security.” line, If I don’t need to know then I don’t need to know, but please don’t treat me like I’m an idiot.